Below is a list of publications. My research is funded by nonpartisan actors, such as the Swedish Research Council and the Foundation For Strategic Environmental Research (MISTRA). See my Stockholm University webpage for an overview of ongoing and past research projects.

Research monographs

Dellmuth, L., Tallberg, J. Legitimacy Politics: Elite Communication and Public Opinion in Global Governance (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023) (315p.)

Dellmuth, L., Scholte, J.A., Tallberg, J., Verhaegen, S. Citizens, Elites, and the Legitimacy of Global Governance (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022) (301p.)

Dellmuth L., Is Europe Good for You? EU Spending and Well-Being (Bristol UP, 2021, 168 p.). Honorable mention for the UACES Book Award in 2022.


Edited volumes

Dellmuth, L., Bloodgood, E.A. (eds), Advocacy Effects in Global Governance (Heidelberg, Springer, 2023).


Peer-reviewed journal articles

Dellmuth, L., Shyrokykh, K., Climate change on Twitter: Implications for climate governance research. WIREs Climate Change, forthcoming.

Shyrokykh, K., Dellmuth, L., Funk, E., “Managing networks: Cohesion and fluidity in EU climate cooperation with European neighbours, European Union Politics, 0 (2023).

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Dellmuth, L., Scholte, J.A., Tallberg, J., Verhaegen, S., “The Elite–Citizen Gap in International Organization Legitimacy”, American Political Science Review, 116:1 (2022), pp. 283-300. Honorable mention from the APSA International Collaboration Section in 2023.

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Dellmuth, L., “The knowledge gap in world politics: Assessing the sources of citizen awareness of the United Nations Security Council”, Review of International Studies , 42:2 (2016), pp. 673-700.

Discussed by the Nereus foundation. See related LegGov blog article.

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Dellmuth, L., “The cash divide: The allocation of European Union regional grants”, Journal of European Public Policy, 18:7 (2011), pp. 1016–1033. Best Paper Award for young scholars presented at the Swedish Political Science Association in 2010.

Discussed by Polscieu (Ideas on Europe).


Book chapters

Dellmuth, L., “Legitimacy has risks and benefits for effective international marine management”, in: Ota, Y., Cheung, W.W.L., Cisneros-Montemayor, (eds.), Predicting Future Oceans: Sustainability of Ocean and Human Systems Amidst Global Environmental Change (Amsterdam, London, and Cambridge, MA: Elsevier, 2019).

Dellmuth, L., “Individual sources of legitimacy: Theory and data”, in: Tallberg, J., Bäckstrand, K., Scholte, J.A. (eds.), Legitimacy in Global Governance: Sources, Processes, and Consequences (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018).


Policy papers and reports

Zhou, J., Dellmuth, L., Adams, K.M., Neset, T.-S., von Uexkull, N., The geopolitics of food security: Barriers to the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger, SIPRI Insights on Peace & Security, 11 (2020).

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Dellmuth, Lisa (2011) " European structural, agricultural and environmental spending in Germany: Challenges and problems during the allocation and implementation of EU resources”, policy paper, Stockholm University, Department of Political Science.

Policy briefs (selection)

Kural, E., Dellmuth, L., Gustafsson, M.T. “International organizations and adaptation governance: Lessons for policymaking” (Mistra Geopolitics, April 2021).

Dellmuth, L., Gustafsson, M.T., Bremberg, N. and Mobjörk, M., “Intergovernmental Organizations and Climate Security Challenges: Implications for Academic Research and Policymaking” (SIPRI Fact Sheet, December 2017).

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Gustafsson MT, Bäckstrand K, Bremberg N, Dellmuth L, Sonnsjö H, van Baalen S and Mobjörk M, “How to integrate climate and conflict risks in development cooperation – experiences and lessons learnt, policy brief April 2016.