Welcome. I am a Political Science and International Relations scholar focusing on governance, legitimacy, and climate cooperation.
My new book, "Legitimacy Politics: Elite Communication and Public Opinion in Global Governance" (Cambridge University Press, 2023) is out. ORDER NOW.
I am full Professor of International Relations at Stockholm University. I am honored to be the Director of the PhD Programme in International Relations and I am appointed Co-Director of the Stockholm Center on Global Governance (SCGG). I obtained my PhD in political science from the University of Mannheim (Germany) in 2011. Since then, I have been postdoctoral fellow in political science at Stockholm University and at the Stockholm Resilience Center, and I have been visiting fellow at Duke University and the University of Tampere, among others.
I write about people's trust in politics and the legitimacy of political institutions. I'm drawn to the interplay between the economy and the mobilization of trust by political elites. My recent book is Legitimacy Politics: Elite Communication and Public Opinion in Global Governance (Cambridge UP, 2023), discussed in Foreign Affairs and in the Review of International Organizations.
I'm also interested in the governance of climate change and the Green Transition, and the distributional consequences of this governance for different groups in society.