Research monographs

Gustafsson, M.-T., Dellmuth, L., The Moral Foundations of Private Adaptation. Evidence from the Mining Sector (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Elements Series on "Organizational Responses to Climate Change: Business, Governments, and Nonprofits''), forthcoming in 2024.


Peer-reviewed journal articles

Dellmuth, L., Shyrokykh, K., Climate change on Twitter: Implications for climate governance research. WIREs Climate Change, forthcoming. Shyrokykh, K., Dellmuth, L., Funk, E., “Managing networks: Cohesion and fluidity in EU climate cooperation with European neighbours, European Union Politics, 0 (2023).

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Policy reports (selection)

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Policy briefs (selection)

Kural, E., Dellmuth, L., Gustafsson, M.T. “International organizations and adaptation governance: Lessons for policymaking” (Mistra Geopolitics, April 2021).

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